At Tech to Execs we know that your time is valuable.  As a busy executive it is vital that you understand the quickly changing pace of consumer technology and how it can impact your organization.

That is where we come in.  We’ll keep you up to speed on all of the latest and greatest changes in consumer technologies.  Social Media, iphones, Facebook, iPads, blogs….  these sites are all changing the way people interact.

Our exclusive executive coaching program is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy executives.  We keep you up to date on the lastest changes in consumer technology and the impacts to your organization so that you can be a better leader and manager.

Did you  know:

  • Facebook has over 400 million registered users.  If it were a country it would be bigger than the United States.
  • The reputation of the CEO of a company is one of the key factors of purchases, and consumers are searching for information on CEOs online.
  • Over 90% of online US adults use search to find information prior to making a purchase.
  • The second most popular daily activity of online US adults is checking Facebook, surpassed only by watching television.
  • More people use text messages than email.
  • A mobile phone is within arms reach of a phone user 90% of the day.

These aren’t just statistics.  These are real changes in human behaviour that are impacting all aspects of your organization.  There are implications for Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, Public Relations, Production and your executive team.